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Actilife Women`s Flora capsules 15s


Protect Your Vaginal Health with Actilife Women’s Flora

  • Resilient Vaginal Microbiome for Improved Defense: A healthy vaginal microbiome acts as a natural shield, protecting against urogenital infections.
  • Optimal pH Balance for Infection Prevention: Beneficial probiotic bacteria help maintain the vagina’s optimal pH of approximately 4, creating a protective barrier against harmful pathogens.
  • Actilife Women’s Flora: A Potent Probiotic Blend: This innovative formulation provides 30 billion CFUs of pre- and probiotics, supporting a healthy vaginal environment.
  • Cranberry and D-Mannose for Enhanced Benefits: Enriched with cranberry and D-mannose, Actilife Women’s Flora promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and facilitates nutrient absorption.

Embrace a Harmonious Vaginal Environment: Actilife Women’s Flora helps maintain a balanced vaginal flora, reducing the risk of urogenital infections.

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