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AMS FertiliMax caplets 90s


Brand: AMS (America Medic & Science)

FertiliMax is a specialised formulation meticulously crafted to enhance your chances of conception and nurture a healthy pregnancy.

Nurturing Your Baby’s Neurological Well-being

  • Enhanced Brain and Spinal Development: FertiliMax provides essential support for the critical development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord, ensuring their neurological well-being from the very beginning.

Optimising Your Chances of Success

  • Improved Egg and Embryo Quality: The integration of DHEA in FertiliMax enhances both egg and embryo quality, significantly increasing your likelihood of a successful pregnancy, particularly in IVF procedures.

Nourishing Your Baby’s Growth

  • Vital Nutrients for Development: FertiliMax is enriched with essential nutrients, including iodine, which is crucial for fertility and optimal ovulation. Iodine’s scientifically proven role in neurodevelopment plays a vital role in improving pregnancy chances.

Building a Sturdy Foundation for Mothers and Babies

  • Strong Bone Health: The supplement incorporates calcium, essential for sturdy bones in both mothers and babies, ensuring a healthy skeletal structure vital for pregnancy and beyond.

Holistic Nurturing for Your Journey

  • Comprehensive Vitamin Support: FertiliMax delivers key vitamins such as D and E, alongside magnesium, offering a holistic approach to supporting the development crucial for improving pregnancy chances.

Extending Your Fertility Window

  • Ovarian Reserve Support: Going beyond fertility enhancement, FertiliMax aids in fortifying the ovarian reserve, particularly beneficial for women aged 35 and older, significantly contributing to improving pregnancy chances.

Nurturing the Path to Parenthood

  • Reproductive Health Enhancement: This multifaceted supplement not only elevates pregnancy chances but also nurtures overall reproductive health, surpassing the typical boundaries of a prenatal formula.

Empowering Your Parenthood Dreams

  • Can Fertility Supplements Help Me Get Pregnant?: Fertility supplements like AMS® FertiliMax can play a significant role in helping to improve your chances of getting pregnant. By providing essential nutrients, supporting hormone balance, and enhancing egg quality, these supplements can optimise your body’s reproductive potential.

With its comprehensive support for fertility optimization and reproductive health, FertiliMax helps you pave the way for a fulfilling parenthood experience.

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