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Juzo knee high Open Toe Compression Stocking (S)z


Brand: Juzo

Juzo’s compression products are manufactured almost exclusively in Germany and in the US. Only top-quality materials are used that are subject to strictest quality standards.Medical compression garments from Juzo guarantee a precisely defined pressure gradient and a high level of wearing comfort. A skin-friendly cotton with an antibacterial effect theigh high soft open toe compression stockings. The silicone border with its micro-nub coating is made from skin-friendly silicone which has been specially tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin for a secure fit. They are characterized by a premium fit for maximum freedom of movement, pleasant wearing comfort and perfect compression. The following generally applies: in order to achieve the desired effect, the compression garment must fit well and be comfortable enough that users enjoy wearing it regularly. They are primarily used during maintenance therapy in cases of lymphoedema and lipoedema. They are also used in cases of post-traumatic and post-operative oedemas as well as severe vein problems with a tendency for oedema.

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