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Liptomil Plus HA Milk Formula 400g


Brand: Liptomil

Liptomil Plus HA is a super-premium infant formula prescribed by a pediatrician, specially formulated to help prevent allergies to cow milk protein. Like our other baby formulas, Liptomil Plus HA contains the wholesome ingredients your baby needs to stay nourished, healthy and thrive from birth onwards. Liptomil Plus HA includes: Antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, Five nucleotides, Calcium and Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron, Prebiotics, Essential fatty acids, Choline and Taurine, Balanced protein content. Liptomil Plus HA is trusted by parents and pediatricians to provide the balanced nutrition infants, who may develop cow milk allergies need, to grow happy and healthy.  No hormones, No antibiotics, No gluten ,No sucrose, No genetically modified ingredients (GMO)

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