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Mebo scar ointment 30g


  1. Brand: Julphar

Mebo Scar Ointment can flatten scars and recover your beautiful and healthy skin. Mebo Scar can relieve symptoms on scar locations, such as scar skin hyperplasia, pruritus, skin chaps, and functional restriction. The functional component in Mebo Scar can restrain the hyperplasia of fibroblast cell, recover constitution and physiological function of normal skin, facilitate regeneration of sebaceous glands; reconstruct the local physiological environment and therefore remove the scars on your body. 

Helps to:

  • Restrain the hyperplasia of fibroblast cell
  • Recover the constitution and physiological function of normal skin.
  • Facilitate regeneration of sebaceous glands
  • Mebo Scar Ointment can be used on hypertrophic scars, acne scar, keloid scar, sunken scar, stretch marks.
  • Other scars caused by surgery, burns, scald, dermatitis, cosmetics, erosion of skin due to infection or chemicals, frost, and dryness
  • Composition: sesame oil (oleic acid, linoleic acid and sesamin) , cactus extract and beeswax.

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