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Naslin Nasal Drops children & adult 15ml


Brand: Naslin

Nasilin saline nasal drops, is a clear free flowing liquid with no visible particulate matter Ingredients: Sodium Chloride B.P 0.9% w/v Benzalkonium Chloride Solution B.P 0.02% v/v Indications Nasilin is formulated for comprehensive nasal care that includes relief of dry & Inflamed nasal membranes, restoration of moisture in nostrils, loosening of nasal blockade & congestion, softening of dried up crusts and provides hygiene as nasal wash. It is indicated for nasal hygiene and congestion in babies, infants, children and adults. Dosage and Administration: Adults:-4-6 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day. Babies & children:-2-3 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day. Direction of use: Wipe mucus away from the nose. Older children and adults can gently blow. Tilt the head right back, instil the required quantity of Nasilin drops per nostril. Bring the head forward and gently turn from side to side to ens.ure proper distribution of the solution.

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