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Nicorette 2mg Fruitfusion Nicotine gum 105s


Brand: Nicorette

Nicorette Gum can be used to relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for nicotine that you get when you try to stop smoking, or when you are cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke while trying to stop smoking completely.

Chew a piece of Nicorette Fruitfusion Gum 2mg whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Over time, your urge to smoke will lessen and you will need to chew less gum. 

In addition to gradually diffusing nicotine, they make it possible to compensate for the absence of the gesture of smoking: the act of chewing occupies the mouth and distracts attention from the urge to smoke. It can also alleviate the stress of quitting smoking.

This product strength 2mg is suitable for those smoking 20 cigarettes or fewer a day.

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