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Tynor Spinal Brace


Brand: Tynor

Special size that fits all. Tynor Taylor Brace is a light weight spinal brace, covers all dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebras, supports and immobilizes the spine in neutral position, still permitting the requisite body. Features & details Provides effective immobilization and relieves pressure on the affected spinal segments. Provides free shoulder movement and no obstruction of the thoracic or abdominal breathing. Maintains Spine in neutral position and allows posture correction. Easy to wear, Adjustable, Comfortable, Light in weight and Durable. For correct size please measure height of the patient and refer corresponding size in size chart. Horizontal Chest Splint arrest the rotational movement of the torso for effective immobilization of the entire dorso lumber region. Can be conveniently removed when not needed

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