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Linotar Gel 250ml


Brand: Linotar

Linotar Gel is the cornerstone of the Linotar Skin Treatment System. It contains the active substance emulsified coal tar in a unique trans dermal delivery base that enhances penetration through the layers of the skin. This product is the first step in the Linotar Skin Treatment System. Emzaloi Technology contains essential fatty acids, that the body is unable to provide, which also assists in effectively penetrating the skin’s barrier to deliver the coal tar to where it is needed most. This ensures that your skin is hydrated, repaired and soothed. For effective treatment and relief of psoriasis & eczema repairs, hydrates & restores the skin barrier, formulated with the uniquely patented Emzaloid Technology reduces the number and size of psoriasis lesions, reduces skin flaking and scaling and helps itch relief, clinically proven. Linotar Gel contains Emulsified Coal Tar as medecinal ingredient. Directions: To ensure adequate penetration of Linotar Gel , make sure lesions are clean. Apply a thin layer of Linotar Gel 1 two to three times daily. Massage gently and leave to dry.

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