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Tynor Cervical Collar with Support


Brand: Tynor

Cervical Collar soft with support is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the required position. Recommended where a partial or controlled immobilization of the cervical region is required. Anatomical shape, Well ventilate, High density PU foam, Skin matching color, Hypo allergenic, Made from high density PU foam 30 kg/m3 witch provide better support and enhanced immobilization. It has higher cushioning, better comfort, higher patient compliance and ling functional life.Reinforced with LDPE sheet with thick round edgesto enhance immobilization. Edge doesn’t bite into the skin, so is more comfortable. Edge doesn’t not bite into the foam, enhances life of the collar.Rust proof, Poly propylene eyelets provide proper ventilation and enhanced paitent comfort. Dermophillic cotton stockinet with high GSM is trated to improve hypoallergenicity, ensure no rush or allergy. Improves comfort and improves overall life of the collar.

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