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Pharmasal Pain Relief Spray 150ml


Brand: Shalina

  • Unleash the Power of Four: Pharmasal’s pain relief spray harnesses the synergistic effects of 2-hydroxyethyl salicylate, ethyl salicylate, methyl nicotinate, and methyl salicylate to deliver targeted pain relief.
  • Tackle Muscle, Tendon, Joint, and Bone Pain: Bid farewell to stiffness, sprains, strains, and back pain with our advanced formula that penetrates deeply to address pain at its source.
  • Experience Warmth-Induced Relief: Indulge in the soothing warmth generated by methyl salicylate and methyl nicotinate, a duo that acts as a pain-relief messenger, delivering relief directly to the affected area.

• Move Freely, Live Comfortably: Regain your mobility and embrace a life free from discomfort with Pharmasal’s innovative pain relief sprays.

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