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Refresh Liquigel soothing eye relief 15ml


Brand: Allergan

  • Experience long-lasting relief from moderate dry eye symptoms with REFRESH LIQUIGEL® Lubricant Eye Gel.
  • Bid farewell to eye discomfort and embrace tranquillity with this soothing gel formula specially formulated for dry, red eye relief.
  • Contains: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (1%), the powerhouse ingredient, provides exceptional lubrication and hydration.
  • Say goodbye to temporary dry eye irritations and enjoy lasting comfort day or night.
  • Unlock the secret to refreshed, revitalised eyes with Refresh Liquigel® Lubricant Eye Gel
  • Optrex Multi Action eye wash is commonly bought together: https://faizpharmacy.com/product/optrex-multi-action-eye-wash-100ml/

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