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Phytoral antifungal powder 75g


Brand: Phytoral

  • Highly Effective Antifungal Treatment: Formulated with the potent antifungal medication Ketoconazole, Phytoral Dusting Powder is a powerful remedy designed to combat fungal infections effectively.
  • This topical application belongs to the group of antifungals, known for its efficacy in treating various fungal infections.
  • Specifically Targets Fungal Infections: The powder is crafted to address specific fungal infections such as tinea corporis (trunk and extremities skin infection) and tinea cruris, utilizing the potency of Ketoconazole for targeted treatment.
  • Promotes Rapid Healing: Phytoral Dusting Powder aids in swiftly alleviating symptoms and eradicating the underlying fungal causes.
  • Reliable Antifungal Relief: Whether dealing with tinea corporis or tinea cruris, our antifungal treatment powder offers a trusted solution for effective relief and healing.
  • Clinically Proven Formula: Our product is backed by clinical research, ensuring the efficacy and reliability of Ketoconazole in addressing various fungal infections.

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