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Yucran-D Cranberry sachets 6s


Brand: Biocare Formulation

  • A potent fusion of cranberry extract and D-mannose acts as a formidable defense against urinary tract infections by inhibiting the attachment of gram-negative pathogens, notably E. coli.
  • Bacteria Repellent Formula: This combination actively prevents certain bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls, effectively reducing the likelihood of urinary tract infections.
  • Enhanced Composition: With the inclusion of pre and probiotics alongside potassium magnesium citrate, this formulation bolsters its preventive properties and promotes urinary health.
  • Carefully Balanced Ingredients: Each 5g sachet contains 300mg of cranberry extract, 600mg of D-mannose, 25mg of probiotic inulin, a robust 980mg of potassium magnesium citrate, and an impressive 15 billion lactobacillus units.
  • Comprehensive Wellness: This holistic formula not only guards against urinary tract infections but also nurtures a balanced urinary environment, fostering overall well-being and vitality.


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