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Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max 56s


Brand: Vitabiotics

Pregnacare Max: The Pinnacle of Nutritional Support for Expectant Mothers

Embrace the ultimate expression of nutritional support tailored specifically for expectant mothers with Pregnacare Max. This ground-breaking formula revolutionizes care for mums-to-be, guaranteeing optimal nourishment throughout pregnancy. Each tablet and capsule encapsulates the essence of peak health for both mother and developing baby.

Unveiling Pregnacare Max’s Nutritional Prowess

Meticulously Crafted Composition: Pregnacare Max features a meticulously crafted composition, delivering vital nutrients essential for this transformative journey.

Enhanced Folic Acid Absorption: At its core, Pregnacare Max features a precisely measured 400µg of folic acid, in line with the UK Department of Health’s recommendations. What sets it apart is the incorporation of L-Methylfolate, a highly bioavailable form that enhances the body’s absorption.

Shield Against Neural Tube Defects: By elevating maternal folate status, this supplement provides a protective shield against the risk of neural tube defects in the growing fetus.

Maternal Wellness: Alongside folic acid, this dual pack encompasses a spectrum of crucial vitamins and minerals. Emphasizing the importance of 10µg vitamin D, aligned with the UK Department of Health’s guidance for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and 500mg calcium, Pregnacare Max stands as a comprehensive solution for maternal wellness.

Nurturing Fetal Development: Complementing these essentials is the 300mg Omega-3 DHA capsule, a fundamental component nurturing the normal development of the fetal brain and eyes.

A Thoughtful Formulation for the Entire Pregnancy Journey

Pregnacare Max tablets exemplify a thoughtful formulation catering to the nutritional requisites throughout the entire pregnancy journey. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a comprehensive approach to nourishment and care, ensuring both mother and baby thrive during this remarkable phase of life.

Key Benefits of Pregnacare Max:

• Comprehensive nutritional support for expectant mothers

• Enhanced folic acid absorption for fetal protection

• Support for optimal maternal health and well-being

• Nurturing fetal brain and eye development

• A thoughtful formulation for the entire pregnancy journey

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